Good Role Models

How to Choose or Direct Your Child Towards a Good Role Model We all have had at least one role model in our lives. Role models are important to our psychological well-being because they help us guide us through certain decision making processes that can ultimately affect the outcome of our lives. Children often have… Read more »

How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry If you have children you have no doubt been confronted with sibling rivalry at least once. Dealing with sibling rivalry can be a challenge at times but you don’t always have to deal with the knockdown, drag outs that can come with it. Here are a few tips and… Read more »

Teaching Children Thankfulness

Teaching Your Children to Be Thankful It’s no secret that thankful children are happier and more polite, but raising children to be thankful for all they have is more important than making more pleasant kids – it’s about teaching them to be caring and sensitive to the feelings of others. While some may feel that… Read more »

Rediscover, Re-imagine, Remember

  Wednesday.  Are you starting to feel the mid-week blues? Maybe an extra coffee break *or two!* is needed to get through the day.  You’re ready to just go home, see the kids, your significant other… and ready for the weekend to get here already! Here are a few thoughts to help you get through… Read more »

Planning for Memories

Planning for Memories Have you had a big family vacation this year?  Whether or not you’ve enjoyed–or are planning–a short or longer trip, creating fond memories for your family doesn’t need to be a huge family vacation, it can be simple. What are the things you smile about when you look back on your childhood?… Read more »

Are Your Kids Getting Enough?

Are Your Kids Getting Enough? Most parents worry about their kid’s nutrition. Often mealtimes are a battle for what kids want versus what they need.  And who can’t relate to that, right? So, increase simplicity and decrease stress. Save time, money, and health by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, and stock the pantry… Read more »

Are we Out of Our Minds? Part 1

Are we Out of Our Minds? Part 1 What’s the real problem?   In the United States, an average school day is 6.7 hours 180 days of the year.  While there are breaks for lunch and recess, this is still a huge amount of time for children who are energized by the nature of physical… Read more »

The World at Your Fingers

The World at Your Fingers The internet has allowed us to have the world at our finger tips.  This is a both an amazing resource for parents and kids, while simultaneously being a tremendous responsibility for parents.  One of the top concerns for parents is managing their kid’s technology usage and access to the internet…. Read more »

Audiobooks – Creativity, Vocabulary, Entertainment and …. Spare Time for Parents!

Audiobooks – Creativity, Vocabulary, Entertainment and …. Spare Time for Parents!   Whether you’re traveling or needing an elevating distraction for the kids while you get things done, audiobooks are wonderful! Besides the entertainment value there are so many reasons to choose audiobooks, especially over TV, gameboys, and movies. Creativity: One of the best things… Read more »