Audiobooks – Creativity, Vocabulary, Entertainment and …. Spare Time for Parents!

Audiobooks – Creativity, Vocabulary, Entertainment and …. Spare Time for Parents!   Whether you’re traveling or needing an elevating distraction for the kids while you get things done, audiobooks are wonderful! Besides the entertainment value there are so many reasons to choose audiobooks, especially over TV, gameboys, and movies. Creativity: One of the best things… Read more »


TOP TIPS for FAMILY TRIPS PART 2 – Best Tips for Stress-Free Family Travel:  Food and Fun Last week we talked about pre-trip planning and steps to take before you leave.  You can check out that post by clicking here. This week, we’ll share some tips of things to bring for travel, as well as… Read more »


TOP TIPS for FAMILY TRIPS PART 1 – Best Tips for Stress-Free Family Travel: Pre-trip Planning It’s Summer!  Yay!  Warm weather, swimming, ice cream, cookouts, picnics, family vacations, and…the stress. Stress-free family vacations need not be an oxymoron. Families that Work Together, Enjoy More Play Together: So much of the planning, and packing, often falls… Read more »

Get Quenched …. Not Scorched!

Get Quenched …. Not Scorched! North Carolina weather is often a surprise!  We love how it is that our weather is always changing and variable…keeps things interesting and fresh.  But, it can be hard to remember sunscreen and shorts, when we’re going from a morning low of 55˚ to a high of 90˚ Fahrenheit, and… Read more »

Another Veggie Tale …

Another Veggie Tale … Here’s a dilemma so many parents face! They’ve got to eat, it’s for their own good and survival… But they can’t stand what’s being offered. There are solutions. John Rosemond, a family psychologist, says a great way to get kids to eat their food is put several small portions of the… Read more »

The Number One Parental Concern…

The Number One Parental Concern… Every child throws at least one at some point…often around two :-).   They don’t get their way, they want attention, no one is listening to them, or they’re just testing their vocal chords with a long ear piercing, glass shattering, screaming fit.  So yes, you guessed it.  Tantrums! Tantrums can… Read more »

"But mom… I want a pet!"

“But mom… I want a pet!” Is this a question your child has asked? While the main parental concern for any child having a pet is that it will end up being your responsibility.  There are ways to circumvent this, and the results can be very worthwhile. PETS CAN TEACH Responsibility:   Before you buy that… Read more »

The Gerbil Died

The Gerbil Died!   The other day, Skinny, our Gerbil died.  Not in the classroom.  He had to be put to sleep to keep him from suffering a long slow death from a tumor. This experience reminded us that while death is a topic relevant to us all, for many it’s not an easy one… Read more »

Is It Normal…..

Curious About Developmental Milestones? Is it “normal” to crawl backwards first? At what age do I stop offering my daughter a binky? When does seperation anxiety end? The human body is constantly generating new cells, strengthening abilities and evolving. Keep track of your child’s amazing growth and get answers to these questions and more at:… Read more »