Feed Your Children Well: Give Them Good Choices

Feed Your Children Well: Give Them Good Choices

Childhood obesity is becoming a major health issue, and parents everywhere are concerned about teaching their children to eat nutritious meals and maintain a healthy weight. Here are some basic ideas for instilling good nutrition habits in your kids from an early age:

 Set the right example. Let your children see you eating good food, not junk.

 Provide a healthy variety. Don’t force foods on kids, but make nutritious food available in your home so they can choose what they want.

 Avoid power struggles. You can’t control what other children eat, nor what your child eats at a friend’s house. You can set the rules for your own home, so do it and don’t obsess about what others do.

 Involve your children. Take them to the store so they can see what you choose and so they can make a few selections of their own. Enlist them in helping prepare meals so they see what goes into a healthy dinner. Talk about where fruits and vegetables come from, and what goes into processed foods.

 Eat together. As much as possible, schedule dinners so everyone in the family can join. This helps you influence what your children eat at meals.

childhood-obesity Remind everyone to slow down. The faster people eat, the more they eat, generally speaking. Don’t let your kids race through dinner; urge them to take their time with every bite.

• Drink water. Water is better than soda and other sugary drinks, and helps kids feel full between meals.