Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


 Boost health and flavor in fresh food

There are lots of important but little known nutritional facts about fruits and vegetables, and changing a few habits and learning some new tricks can result in better health for you and a boost to the flavor of these goods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables continue to respire after harvesting, and even while in your refrigerator. This absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide and uses up their stores of antioxidants and natural sugars. As a result of this, by the time you eat them they will have become more acidic, contain fewer antioxidants and have lost some of their natural sweetness.

Fruits and vegetables that respire faster than others include artichokes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, corn, lettuce, okra, raspberries, snap beans, strawberries, arugula, broccoli, cherries, kale, mushrooms, parsley, scallion and spinach, and these should be eaten as soon as possible after harvesting or purchase in order to get the most value out of them.