Get Quenched …. Not Scorched!

Get Quenched …. Not Scorched!

North Carolina weather is often a surprise!  We love how it is that our weather is always changing and variable…keeps things interesting and fresh.  But, it can be hard to remember sunscreen and shorts, when we’re going from a morning low of 55˚ to a high of 90˚ Fahrenheit, and everyone wants out to play, including the kids ;-)!

Getting overheated is serious, and a top concerns for parents, so please take this risk seriously.  To help, here are some steps you can take to prevent getting overheated.

Family Hydration Breaks:  Take time in each day for the whole family to drink water. For little kids, this can be an opportunity for a gulp and a giggle, such as by racing each other to the fridge for water.  The most important thing to remember to prevent overheating, is to keep hydrated!  Water is best.  It keeps the body refreshed, cleansed, and helps with our natural cooling system:  sweating. And remember Mom and Dad, getting overheated is just as serious for adults and the older kids, so get quenched with the best drink on the planet.

TIP:  Add a fresh lemon or lime wedge…or some berries to the water bottle to add a hint of wholesome flavor and keep your child intrigued with drinking all the way to the bottom so they can gobble up the treat.  You can also do a different fruit each day.

Keep Chilled Bottles:  At home, on car rides, when out in town, keep chilled water bottles with you in a cooler or the fridge.  This way, no matter where you are you have something to keep you hydrated. This simple tip can actually be a lifesaver.

PARENT ALERT:  Often, a fussy child is actually just a thirsty child, whose body needs good clean water.

Keep the Kids With You!  We’ve all heard the horror stories.  The kids who get hospitalized or worse, end up dying because they were left in the car.   These tragic stories are just too awful to share, but it’s a very real, very serious, threat!  Don’t ever leave a child in the car without adult supervision, even for a quick trip into the store or gas station!

Clothing–Light & Colorful:  We all know dark colors absorb heat, and light colors reflect it.  So fortunately, it’s easy and fun to keep your child’s summer wardrobe lightweight and light and playful colors!

What other things do you do to keep you and your children from getting over heated? And, what other concerns do you have about children being outside?