Manage Your Time

Holiday parties: It’s all business

holiday partyThe office holiday party can be lots of fun, but it’s never an excuse to get crazy. No matter what the occasion, remember that you’re still attending a

business function. Behave accordingly and follow these rules of office party etiquette:

• Don’t skip the party. You don’t have to stick around from start to finish, but for appearance’s sake, you should at least make an appearance at the festivities. Get there on time, mingle with co-workers and bosses, eat a bit of the food, thank the host, and then you can leave.

• Mingle before you consume. Parties are meant to let co-workers socialize, not just eat and drink. So when you arrive at the party, circulate the room before you head for the bar or start stuffing yourself with food.

• Thank your peers. Congratulate co-workers for jobs well done or thank them for helping you on projects. Let colleagues know that you enjoy working with them.

• Don’t get drunk. Over imbibing can only lead to embarrassment or insult. Remember that you’ll be back in the workplace with most of the partygoers soon, and drunken behavior could be hard to live down.

• Be courteous to your date. If you bring your spouse, a client, or a date, make sure to introduce him or her to your boss and the people you work with, and include the person in conversations. Your colleagues will notice.