Planning for Memories

Planning for Memories

Photo credit Wei Jiang

Have you had a big family vacation this year?  Whether or not you’ve enjoyed–or are planning–a short or longer trip, creating fond memories for your family doesn’t need to be a huge family vacation, it can be simple.

What are the things you smile about when you look back on your childhood? It’s interesting to reflect back on our fondest memories, and it’s can be surprising to realize how our best memories are often the simplest things. Favorite family activities include conversations gathered around meals, day-long road trips, hiking, and playing games.  Are any of these on your favorites list?

Often, the best way to make memorable, fun, and warm memories with the kids, is just by spending time as a family doing activities you all enjoy. Even video game fanatics can come out of their shell when everyone is having fun engaging with each other.

Family walks or bike rides are a great way to talk, explore, and get in some exercise. In the summer heat, going to the pool, making homemade ice cream, and picnics with kites and Frisbees are also fun summer activities.

It’s often said that food brings people together.  Planning, shopping, and cooking dinner can be a fun and creative time, especially on weekends when there’s more time and less stress.  You can all decide what’s for dinner and everyone can pitch in on the cooking and clean up.  For many, their fondest memories revolve around the family in the kitchen.

Most of us just like spending time with those we love, no matter the activity, and the best memories are often the ones with our family and friends. So, whatever is happening and wherever you are, remember to enjoy each other’s presence, and how it’s the small things that add up to something big.

What are your favorite activities for creating memories with your kids?