Being More Productive

Being More Productive

Health is always important, but few people realize that improving their health would
also improve their work performance.
productivity-300x256Health is every bit as important for desk jockeys as it is for athletes and construction workers.

One good tip is to take short breaks every
so often when engaged in a lengthy task.
This gives your brain the opportunity to
refresh itself as well as letting the body
stretch out for a bit.

Drinking lemon water is another helpfulpiece of advice. Drinking an eight ounce glass of water that has had half of a lemon squeezed into it helps your liver to more efficiently break down waste and also assists in alleviating bloating, constipation, gas and general body aches.

Drinking more water without lemon is also a good idea. Some studies suggest that the average male should drink about three liters of water per day and the average female about 2.2 liters in order to maximize their hydration and their performance.

Stick to high protein snacks rather than chips, candy and donuts to help keep
your blood sugar regulated and enable you to remain at peak performance all
throughout the day.