Rediscover, Re-imagine, Remember

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Wednesday.  Are you starting to feel the mid-week blues? Maybe an extra coffee break *or two!* is needed to get through the day.  You’re ready to just go home, see the kids, your significant other… and ready for the weekend to get here already!

Here are a few thoughts to help you get through the day, and maybe lighten the mood.  Some lessons that our kids remind us of ….

Allow Your Mind to Wander…

I think we all agree that children can be some of the most creative people in the world.  Kingdoms, worlds, and new galaxies sprout from their minds.  They teach us that it doesn’t matter how small your mind is, your imagination can fly anywhere.  The limitations of the human body doesn’t prevent them from transporting themselves to other solar systems.  Even though, as adults, we have to need a foot rooted in reality, it’s okay to let the mind wander… You never know what could come of it.

Smile … It’s Good for You!

Ever notice how when a little kid walks in a cafe, or any room, and everyone turns and smiles?  For those few precious minutes the angst of your life vanishes, even if it isn’t your lil’ munchkin.  Sure there are the little monsters, and every child has their moment of it, (okay many moments!).  But typically, kids seem to make everything a notch sunnier.  They teach us that a simple smile can make the stress and pressure of life leave.  So, remember to smile. It feels good and it’s actually healthy.  Try it next time you’re feeling stressed:  just think of something funny, or something you love, or something you’re grateful for and don a big smile.  It absolutely helps!

Beauty in the Small Things

“Mom! Dad! Look at this pretty rock I found!”  (You see a piece of gravel), “See that cloud?! It looks like a frog!”  We’ve all heard exclamations like this.  Children find joy in the littlest things. Butterflies, rocks, rain drops, clouds. To them, it doesn’t matter how small it is, they tend to find something that brings a flash of wonder to their eyes.  As we go about the bustle of our days, and life, don’t forget to stop and experience the child-like wonder at the little things in life.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children how to be caring, respectful, polite, grateful, and contributing members of society.  But, don’t forget that they also help us remember what it’s like to see life in a new creative, wonderful, glorious way.  Their laughter inspires us to laugh along, their wonder encourages us to be grateful for the small things, and their creativity helps us to expand our imagination.

We would love to hear some things your children have taught you, or helped you rediscover inside yourself!