The Neck Rule

The Neck rule

Getting a nasty bug is never a lot of fun and as well as causing cough, sneezes and snorts also messes with your ability to put in good day’s work, get a good night’s sleep, and have a decent workout. So how long after you start to feel better can you can go back to pounding the pavement, swinging the clubs and hitting the weights?

The general rule tends to depend on how your body was affected by the bug. Anything above the neck tends not to be too much of a worry, such as a scratchy throat or a runny nose (with the obvious exception of swollen glands or a really horrible sore throat). Anything below the neck however, such as stomach symptoms, fever, and body aches, should take a bit more time to get over.

In any event, when you are feeling a little better you should still do not much more than warm up exercises; a bit of stretching or walking, perhaps. Anything more strenuous too soon and you risk making yourself ill again.