Tips for Traveling With Kids

Tips for Traveling With Kids

With the holidays just around the corner, many will be hitting the road with their little ones in tow. To help ensure your trip goes smoothly, we have a few tips below.

Be tech-friendly. A device such as a kid-friendly tablet or a DVD player with educational videos is the most compact form of entertainment when traveling.

Messes will happen. Don’t forget the baby wipes, shout wipes, cloths, sanitizer, ziplock bags and plastic bags for clean-up purposes.

Fly early, drive late. Airline waiting periods are typically longer later in the day, so try to book an earlier flight. Traffic is lighter at night and your kids are more liable to sleep then, so look to leave later in the day if traveling by car.

Snacks! Most kids love snacks and they help to pass the time. Think easy munchies like cereal, crackers, granola bars, grapes, and bananas.

Pack extra clothes. You never know when an accident may happen.

Keep them engaged. Pack surprise new toys to help curb the boredom and give one to your child every hour or two.

Tips for traveling with kids