Winter "Staycation" Ideas

Winter “Staycation” Ideas

Oftentimes it can be tough it work out an out of town vacation around the holidays. With so much activity going on, it may be easier to find things to do around your home town and have a fun “staycation” with your family.

  • Sign up for an activity you can do as a family, such as cooking lessons, tennis lessons or walking tours.
  • Take the train. Many railway providers offer short times within an hour or two away. Pack a lunch, enjoy the scenery and make a fun day out of it.
  • Look into bargain lake or beach rentals. With this being the off season for our area, you can stay local in your “staycation” and still get away.
  • Visit an art museum. You can use the paintings, sculpture and creative works there to give your kids some inspiration. They can recreate their own favorites right at home with some paper, crayons or clay.
  • Go camping. Find a local campsite or take up indoor camping! Pitch a comfy tent indoors, make blanket forts, get some flashlights and microwave some s’more!
  • Go skating. If it has been awhile since you last visited the roller or ice rink, why not head back?

Happy holidays!

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