In addition to our daily educational program, we offer additional, optional learning opportunities focused on enhancing the social, physical and cognitive development of our students. These enrichment programs vary by subject, but all are led by professionals who share our philosophy that young children learn best when that learning is made fun.

We are constantly evaluating our optional programs. See your school’s director for current offerings which could possibly include:

Spanish Program (three-year-olds through five-year-olds)

Giving children many opportunities to grow and expand their social and communication skills is a must in our increasingly diverse society.   Studies show that children of all ages benefit from learning a second language, especially those with early exposure.  Children who learn a second language early on show improved communication abilities, cognitive development and cultural awareness. Exposing your child to a second language and culture also develops their interest in the variety of people and countries in our world.

A Child’s World Learning Centers is proud to offer Spanish to children in each of our schools. Each week, children will learn about the Spanish language and culture during 30 minute lessons with Ms. Mercedes Fajardo.

Stretch-n-Grow (two-year-olds and up)

Children need regular, constructive opportunities to release their healthy energy. Stretch-n-Grow is a “fabulously fun fitness program for kids!” Stretch-n-Grow Stars participate in weekly sessions full of aerobic exercise, lots of different types of equipment and upbeat music. Each weekly session consists of aerobic exercise and other fun activities designed to teach your child all about fitness, nutrition, and other wellness topics. Each class is taught by a certified youth fitness instructor and provides your child the opportunity to work on balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance- all while having fun learning about how to be strong and healthy!


Preschool Music (toddlers through five-year-olds)

All children respond to music and the more they are exposed to it, the more they gain from it. The music programs we offer are a favorite of both the children and parents for the joy and amusement they provide participants. The children sing, dance and explore various musical instruments – all in an exuberant and lively environment.


Summer Adventure Camp (five-year-olds through 12-year-olds)

Summer Adventure Camp takes place every June through August at each of our schools. It is an 11-week program during which the children engage in a variety of local field trips and learning activities. Our program is a wonderful way for your child to spend the summer exploring and learning new things! Learn more.

Soccer (three-year-olds through 8-year-olds)

Preschool soccer is one of the most popular instructional classes offered today. Your child will learn the basics of soccer through games and exercises that will aid in developing his/her motor skills such as balance and movement. Improved listening skills are an added benefit as children learn to follow verbal directions and work as a team. Kinder Kixx is a supplemental program offered through ACWLC that gives your child a healthy, active exposure to this popular sport.


The Little Hooper’s Gang

Little Hooper’s Gang is our onsite basketball program led by Chan LaRue. The children learn the fundamentals of basketball as they develop coordination, balance, strength and social skills all while having fun! This program helps kids get ready for sports in a positive, fun way! If you are interested in your child developing discipline, respect, self-confidence and begin learning the concept of teamwork, this program is for you!