Pre-Kindergarten (48 to 60 months)

With kindergarten just ahead, pre-school preparation is the focus for our four- and five-year-olds. The curriculum is designed to encourage development of the basic skill sets the children will need to succeed while the instruction is carefully structured to accommodate their varied learning styles.

Fine motor skills development is stressed; including holding a pencil in our writing center where each child can learn to write their name as well as their address and phone number – a milestone in identity development and family consciousness. Math, literacy, and science skills are refined, as well. Sequencing and patterning are practiced, numbers are added, and letter-sounds are explored.

There’s plenty of playtime, of course, with cooperative play replacing parallel play and group games being a regular affair. Here, the children learn that “not winning” does not equate with “failure” and that another chance to participate and “do better,” awaits them shortly.

Our preschoolers also get to extend their classroom learning into the community as they participate in field trips to fun and exciting destinations including area police and fire stations, libraries, theatres, and museums.

The pre-school experience is expansive, exciting, focused and fun!