Twos (24 to 36 months)

With our twos, we build on previously established concepts and routines while introducing some new ones – most notably potty training. We work closely with the parents during this critical developmental period to ensure that there is consistency between home and school in terms of approach, scheduling, and outcomes. Patience and praise are the primary tools we employ here.

“Self-help” instruction continues with the children learning to change their clothes and their drinking cups are now open rather than capped. The children also participate as “classroom helpers” – assisting in room straightening as they develop greater awareness of their environment as a shared space for which they have, at least some, responsibility.

Math and science are two other new concepts that are introduced and include counting and recognition of animals and the sounds they make. There is also the all-important introduction of “feelings.” We help the children put names with emotions so that they can better understand what they are feeling and begin to recognize what others around them are feeling, as well.

Improved understanding, growing empathy and increased “ownership” mark the children’s time in the two-year-old room.