Threes (36 to 48 months)

The curriculum for our three-year-olds continues to balance socialization and scholastics. Along with exploring concepts such as color and shape, the children are introduced to the concept of rules and the related elements of choice and consequence. With these basic social structures in place as guides for classroom behavior, the children continue to learn about sharing, taking turns and getting along with others.

As they are now more “part of the classroom,” the children are regularly engaged in instructive group activities that focus on math and literacy. Math-related activities include graphing, rational counting, and sorting while literacy exercises involve the children being introduced to the concept of “the story” through exposure to stories with words.

When they’re not involved in group activities, our three-year-olds have ample opportunities for personal exploration and, when needed, can use the “space for privacy” that’s nearby.

For our three-year-olds, there are boundaries, group activities, opportunities for individual decision making and plenty of love.