Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

When it comes to our youngest children, the focus is on child-specific care and maintaining the critical routines of activity, feeding, changing, and rest. This carefully planned interaction between early childhood education provider and infant fosters “teachable moments” during which the child can pursue their most basic cognitive and physical developmental milestones.

By creating an environment that is safe, clean, and loving, we seek to meet the unique emotional needs of each child while encouraging and facilitating both basic mobility (rolling over, holding their head up, sitting up, crawling, etc.) as well as sensory responsiveness (tracking with their eyes, cooing, babbling, etc.).

Soft hands, softer voices, and close interaction with parents on all matters of care (including the introduction of solid foods) are the hallmarks of our infant program and the critical “components of care” we employ on behalf of your loved ones.