School Age (5 and 6 to 12 years)

Our school-agers come to us before and after school during the elementary school year and spend the day with us when school is out. Whenever they are here, they find what they need to grow in a supervised but more self-directed learning environment.

There are free choice activities inside the classroom and free play opportunities outside on the playground. Art, music, dressing-up, science, board games and cards are just some of the facets of the fun-based learning that takes place indoors with our older students. Outdoors there are organized games in addition to independent and small-group play but the goal is the same; fun, safe and stimulating play. Homework isn’t forgotten, either, with time and space set aside for this important after-school activity.

Our school-agers also participate in group projects that reinforce creativity and collaboration. These staff-supervised and student-led activities vary but have included a lemonade stand, cooking projects and a talent show.

Whether school is in or out, our school-agers enjoy their time here learning, leading, and leveraging their imaginations.