Spotlight on Excellence – May 2019

This month we would like to shine a light on our Elephants teacher at ACWLC South Winston-Salem, Ms. Tu’Nicquia Bradley, and her implementation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities in the classroom. Ms. TT, as she is known to the kids, manages a creative, colorful, and neat learning environment with the help of her teacher assistant, Ms. Heather Carter. If you are looking for inventive activities for kids, just check out their bulletin boards and classroom walls. For this month’s “Discovery” learning theme, Ms. TT tapped into online resources such as Little Bins for Little Hands for STEM-related activities that were simple and interesting. Research has shown that early learners demonstrate a clear readiness to engage in STEM activities early in life. And, just as with language and literacy, those who start STEM education early will maximize its benefits and effectiveness.

By asking questions and encouraging investigation, Ms. TT and Ms. Heather helped their Elephants carry out a number of activities. They used real buttons to make lab coats, learned about gravity by watching paint fall from droppers, created handprint x-rays, and utilized different media to make dinosaurs. When you step into the classroom, be ready for an excited three-year old to tell you all about the wonderful things they have been doing and learning!

For additional STEM resources focused on early education, please visit the NAEYC website.