Another Veggie Tale …

Another Veggie Tale …

Here’s a dilemma so many parents face!

They’ve got to eat, it’s for their own good and survival… But they can’t stand what’s being offered.

There are solutions.

John Rosemond, a family psychologist, says a great way to get kids to eat their food is put several small portions of the meal(s) on the plate.  This way you’re not catering to their pickiness, but you’re not requiring them to eat as much.

If they are being picky, they must not really be hungry.

Emily Franklin, a writer for, suggests you eat the same thing you’re offering to your child.  This is good for them to see that they won’t ‘die’ from eating the food you place before them.

Something my mother did when I was little was save the same plate of food for later.  The same plate of food would reaper every time I got hungry.  I wanted a dessert? No problem.  I could have it once I finished the previous plate of food.  Believe me, it worked!

By telling them they can have the treat or food they really want after they finish what they have provides an incentive to eat what you originally prepared.

Children of all ages, but especially the young ones, learn from example whether the issue is food or cleaning up after themselves.   So, by eating a few bites of the same food, finishing your meal, not being picky yourself, helps them see that it’s okay.

They can eat it, finish it and, *gasp*, might even enjoy it! 😉

What are some methods you’ve tried to get your kids to eat something?  Is this a big problem with your kids?