Is it Normal?

Curious About Developmental Milestones? Is it “normal” to crawl backwards first? At what age do I stop offering my daughter a binky? When does separation anxiety end? The human body is constantly generating new cells, strengthening abilities, and evolving. Keep track of your child’s amazing growth and get answers to these questions and more at:… Read more »

Spotlight on Excellence – Summer 2022

New Kid on the Block Mariya Graham has only been working at ACWLC-Bermuda Run since March but has already made her presence known.  She joined ACWLC with no education or experience in childcare, but quickly proved to be a valuable team player, excelling in any classroom, and displaying a positive attitude and great motivation.  As… Read more »

Spotlight on Excellence – Spring 2022

A Jill of All Trades Melinda Warren has been with ACWLC-South for nearly ten years and during that time, has proven to be the epitome of a team player.  Though her job title technically says “School-Age Coordinator”, on any given day you can find Ms. Melinda opening the toddler room, serving children lunch from the… Read more »

Spotlight on Excellence – November 2019

For this Thanksgiving holiday edition of Spotlight on Excellence, we would like to recognize Ms. Heather at our Bermuda Run school.  Ms. Heather runs the school age program with amazing energy, organization, and enthusiasm.  She is always on the lookout for fun places to take the elementary-aged children on field trips during out-of- school days. … Read more »

Spotlight on Excellence – July 2019

Sister, Sister! This month we would like to shine a light on the Fluitt sisters!  Ms. Melody and Ms. Ronda tag team in the Elephants classroom at ACWLC Clemmons to bring fun and learning to three-year olds.  Drop into this room at anytime and you may see the children galloping around the tables, following Ms…. Read more »