Dental Health Tips for Kids

Dental health tips for kids

The development of good dental hygiene is important to everyone, but particularly so for kids. Brushing twice a day is very important and it is also a good idea to make use of cetylpyridinium or chlorhexidine before bedtime. No toothpaste is more effective than another; as long as they are fluoridated and come with the ADA seal, they are fine. You should brush your teeth for about four minutes, and the idea that enamel will be worn down by such treatment is a myth.

The direction of your brushing can also be significant, and the best advice is to angle your toothbrush at forty five degrees to your gum and use small circular strokes. You should spend a little more time brushing your back teeth.

If you suffer from gingivitis, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis, consume less sugar; and pay attention to regular oral hygiene with the use of disclosing dye.