Earth Day Activities for Kids 

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and it provides a great opportunity to teach kids about keeping our planet clean. Here are a few activity ideas to check out in celebration of this special day.

  • Decorate a reusable tote bag. Reusable tote bags are becoming a more common and earth-friendly alternative to paper and plastic bags. These bags are typically cotton or canvas, washable, and can hold up for many uses. Choose a bag and then let your child pick supplies — acrylic paint, fabric markers/ paint pens, rhinestones, stickers — to decorate it. Your little one will enjoy being able to tote their creation around.
  • Watch a movie. The Planet Earth DVDs from Discovery are an ideal place to start. Depending on the ages of your kids, there are a number of other good movies to watch in honor of Earth Day including The LoraxWALL-EWhat’s on Your Plate? and Where the Green Ants Dream.
  • Make fun treats. Throw an impromptu Earth Day party and make fun snacks, such as Happy Earth Day cookies and Earth Day ice cream.
  • Make a collage. Put your old magazines to use and have your kids get creative with this neat Earth Day collage.
  • Visit the zoo. The North Carolina Zoo has events and and exhibits just for Earth Day