Easy Ideas to Show Your Children You Love Them

Easy Ideas to Show Your Children You Love Them

With Valentine’s Day here, what better time to think of new and different ways to show your kids you love them? These ideas can be used not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day!

Make a special breakfast. Try whipping up some heart-shaped pancakes your kids will love!

Plan some quality time. Look for some new activities that you and your child can partake in, like stopping for a special treat or a walk in the park after school pick-up.

Start a new family tradition.  Try engaging in new activities that your child will remember throughout their life, such as dessert before dinner, or singing a special family song to celebrate special events or holidays.

Leave little surprises. Try leaving surprise notes or funny pictures under their bed, or in their backpack. You could even put it on the bathroom mirror!

Send them mail. Children love getting surprises like letters, notes, cards, or little gifts in the mail! It’s an inexpensive way to brighten up their day.