Get Your Irish on for Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Get Your Irish on for Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Even if you aren’t of Irish heritage, this is a wonderful day to celebrate and learn about the culture. For families St. Patrick’s Day offers a wide range of different options that can easily be adapted for kids of all ages from toddlers through to teens.

Of course, green is an essential element of this day, so designing a family T-shirt that is green in color and features different St. Patrick’s Day symbols such as shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold or even those magical rainbows is a fun activity before the event.

Going online and looking up Irish symbols and learning there meaning is a great task for older children and they can share the information with the rest of the family. With online t-shirt printing available you can easily scan and upload your design and surprise the family with custom shirts to wear all day.

A Treasure Hunt

Kids of all ages love to look for treasure, so why save this activity just for Easter? Moms and Dads can hide gold wrapped chocolate coins around the house and yard and let the children go searching for treasure.

If chocolate isn’t a good option for your family, consider buying gold gift wrap or foil and individually wrapping healthy snacks for the kids to find. You can also buy some plastic coins and spray paint them gold for a real treasure hunt.

Gold coins can then be traded in for special prizes that are, or course, located in Mom and Dad lucky pot of treasures. You can include coupons for Mom and Dad to do special activities for the kids such as cooking a favorite meal together or having Mom or Dad clean the kid’s rooms for a day.

Make an Irish Meal

Food is always a great way to celebrate a culture and there are a lot of iconic foods associated with the Irish culture. You may want to prepare a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage or put together a hearty beef or lamb and vegetable stew matched with Irish soda bread.

Colcannon, a vegetable casserole that features potatoes, cabbage, parsnips and leeks, is a wonderful side dish or perfect for a vegetarian main course. Finish off the meal with the classic Irish apple cake that is not too sweet, and you have the perfect ending to a wonderful day.