Giving Thanks During the Holidays

Finding ways to give thanks to people in our lives is a great family activity and one that will assist children in learning the importance of recognizing others for their kindness and support. Here are some fun and personalized ways that children can give thanks to friends, family, and special people in their lives.
  • Handmade cards – children can design their own personal thank you cards to give out to those they wish to recognize. All you need to do is provide crayons, markers, glitter, fabric, and craft odds and ends and some craft glue and kids can design away. A hand printed message inside adds to the personal touch.
  • Thank you leaves – if you live in an area where the fall leaves are out in their splendid colors, you can use these to create a wonderful gift. Kids can write a thank you note on writing paper that will fit on the surface of the leaves, one per large, flat leaf. Then, glue the short message to the center of the leaf and allow to dry. Use a glue and water mixture or a lacquer to paint over the leaf and note. This can be glued to a heavier piece of construction paper for a thank you noteworthy of framing.
  • Baking something special – for neighbors, family and friends that are visiting, why not have the kids help bake a batch of their favorite cookies. These can be wrapped in fall colors of foil or wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with fall colors of tissue paper. A short thank you note can be attached with a ribbon.