Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume Tips 

With just a bit of creative thinking, parents can design completely unique and original Halloween costumes at home. Depending on how comfortable a parent is with sewing and craft work, they can be more detailed or use a simpler style.

If you want a pre-made Halloween costume, consider searching at a local thrift store. You will often have like-new costumes for just a few dollars, and you can modify them at home to create the character or theme your child wants. Another option is to choose clothes off the rack of a discount or thrift store and then add the details to make them into a costume. Sewing or gluing on sequins, rhinestones, ribbons and other items will turn any shirt, suit or dress into a wonderful creation.

There are also a lot of different household items that can be used to create a Halloween costume. Sometimes even old clothing from Mom, Dad or older siblings can be used to create an original or classic type of costume. As sports figures are always popular for both boys and girls, designing a team logo on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts can be a fun activity for everyone, and it just requires some fabric paint. You can even download copies of team logos and simply trace them right onto the fabric. For more DIY costume ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board.

Happy creating!