How to Boost Kindness in Children

As a parent, you have the opportunity to help boost your child’s innate kindness. Your child’s brain is especially open to developing a lifelong kindness habit when they are between ages four and seven. We have a few recommendations to aid you on your family’s kindness journey.

Model kind behavior. Find ways to be kind to others so that your kids will follow your lead. Further, if you see someone being kind or doing something nice, point it out to your child. Set an example of kindness and respect by how you talk to each other as parents, as well as how your talk to your child.

Practice gift-giving. Help your child make a gift for their teacher or other special person in their life– they could make them a picture or craft, or bring them a special treat.

Use the language of kind in your family. This will help to convey kindness as an important family value and expectation.  Examples of phrases you could say include:

“Would you be kind enough to help your brother clean the living room?”
“That was a kind thing to do.”
“Thank you for your kindness.”
“Can you use kinder words to say that?”
“How can you settle this in a kind and peaceful way?”

Read books about kindness. Recommended books include:

 “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Mellon”
“Stick and Stone”
“Nerdy Birdy”
“Be Kind”
“Horrible Bear!”