How to Part with the Pacifier

How to Part with the Pacifier

Who knew it would be so hard to help your little one part with their favorite comfort item?

When the time comes that your family decides it’s time to say goodbye to the pacifier, we have a few suggestions that could help make the transition a bit easier.

Try a gradual approach. Experiment with slowly reducing the amount of time your little one gets to spend with the pacifier. Try only letting your child use the it during sleep times or times when their teeth may be bothersome. Then, try taking the pacifier away for good.

Think of fun ways to say goodbye. You could try throwing a “party” for the pacifier before it goes away. Or, you can make a big deal about your little one giving the pacifier to someone else in need or for safekeeping. You can even mail it off!

Just “lose” it. If you actually do happen to lose the pacifier, you could just stop looking for it altogether. Or, you can pretend to lose it and wait until your child loses interest in looking for it.

Look for new comforts. It could be helpful to replace the paci with other soothing items such as a soft blanket or animal. And don’t forget to spend extra time cuddling!