Keeping the Love Alive Even with Small Children

Keeping the Love Alive Even with Small Children

Every family has gone through it – lots of passion and spice in your relationship and then the children come along. Somewhere along the way those alone times you used to spend with each other are replaced with babies, children crawling into bed with you in the middle of the night, overly busy schedules, etc.

It’s important that while you’re doing your best to raise your family you don’t lose sight of what brought you together as a couple. Here are some great ways to help keep the love alive even if you have small children in the home:

  • Flirting isn’t just for dating. Send your significant other a love note, a sweet text message or just an email that says you can’t wait for the two of you to be alone. Compliment each other, let the small chores go to spend an extra few minutes together, make a lunch date once a month and KEEP it!
  • Can’t go out on a date? Make a date at home. Cook dinner together, light some candles and spend the evening catching up. Make it a later dinner after your kiddos are in bed.
  • Don’t forget the little things. Go to bed at the same time. This may sound silly and simple but you’d be surprised at how effective this is. It’s difficult to keep romance alive when one spouse comes to bed after the other is already asleep. Never miss a chance to hug or kiss your spouse “just because.”

Keep in mind that your children will eventually grow and leave you to lead lives of their own. It’s important that you keep “investing” in your personal relationship with each other so that when you are alone again you still enjoy each other as much as you did before the children came along.

Keeping Love Alive