Outdoor Play Ideas

With the warm weather upon us, the time is perfect for outdoor games and outdoor playdates for your little ones to engage in. We have a few ideas for you below.

  • Try out an inflatable bowling set. Jumbo bowling outside will offer the kids an opportunity to make up their own rules while playing with a larger-than-life set. As an added bonus, parents may get a kick out of it too!
  • Have a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a fun way to customize a themed adventure for your kids and keep boredom at bay. Check out this list of scavenger hunt ideas to get yours going.
  • Have a car wash. You can wash your little one’s mini cars and bikes or they can assist you with your own vehicle. The kids will have fun using the buckets and sponges and parents will benefit too!
  • Start a lemonade stand. Nothing says warm weather like ice-cold lemonade on a warm day. Help your kids and their friends get a stand going by making signs and fun shirts or outfits for their special lemonade duty. You can teach your kids the importance of saving money too, once they get their profits in.

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