Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn

For young students, success in school starts with being able to take turns, cooperate, and follow directions.  Here are ways to build these skills so that your child can start the year off right.

Taking Turns:

At school, your youngster will need to wait his turn, whether he wants to answer a question or use the water fountain.  Together, do fun activities that require turn-taking.  Board games and card games are great for this.  Or play school and switch off being the teacher and the student.  Also, look for examples of people taking turns.  While waiting in line at the bank, you might say, “It’s that man’s turn now.  We get to go next.”


Provide plenty of opportunities for your child to use teamwork so he’ll learn to cooperate with other students.  If he’s making a tent, for instance, you can each hold one end of a blanket and drape it over chairs. When you bake cupcakes, it could be his job to put the paper liners in the pan before you pour in the batter.

Following Directions:

Give your youngster pairs of silly movements to act out.  You might say, “Wiggle like a worm, then hop like a bunny” or “Flap like a bird, then gallop like a pony.” He will practice following two step directions-just like his teacher will be giving in school. When he has mastered two steps, move on to three.