Recharge for the New Year

Recharge for the New Year

With the holiday season over and the new year upon us, it may feel like you need a vacation from all of the activity. If you are feeling a general life overload, we’ve got a few tips for you to check out that can help you get recharged.

Keep an emergency supply. Pack an emergency secret supply of a favorite treat, basket of books, special blend of flavored coffee beans, or other treat that you love. Indulge in one of these goodies whenever you feel the need for a mini-pick me up.

Make something you love. Make yourself a special meal or baked goodie (or grab one as take out!) and don’t worry so much if you are the only one who will eat it.

Take time for yourself. Instead of doing the laundry while the kids are napping, consider napping yourself, gardening, or checking out a yoga class. You can also look for a set time during the week you can schedule as “me time” to do something like take a class or catch up with friends and arrange for others to help out with the kids.

Get moving. Physical activity is a great way to get the blood flowing and help you tackle all of life’s demands. Even a quick ten minute walk during the day will help you feel a bit more energized.