Showing Gratitude This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s really a wonderful opportunity for everyone to express love and gratitude for one another. We have a couple suggestions on how to get kids involved in this special holiday.

Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards. This is a great day to get creative about showing how important people are in your child’s life. You can start by providing your kids with construction paper, sparkles, scissors, glue and crayons and letting them create their own Valentine’s Day cards. You can even buy an assortment of pre-cut hearts, cupids, arrows and flowers that they glue onto their card designs. Have fun with it!

Write Thank You Notes. Have your children write or draw thank you notes to people that they appreciate in their life. These notes can be written or drawn on red, white or pink paper and decorated around the edges with anything that the child wants to add. These are a great gift to teachers, neighbors and professionals that the child interacts with.

Make Special Snacks. You can also prepare some yummy sugar cookies, cut in the shape of hearts, and covered with festive Valentine’s Day sprinkles. These can be taken to anyone that the child wants to show their appreciation to for their kindness or just to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”