Spotlight on Excellence – February 2019

We are excited to bring a new feature to our ACWLC family! In keeping with our core value of excellence, each month we will find “excellent” things that are happening in our schools and share them with our parents and educators.

This month features Ms. Dionne and Ms. Tarah from A Child’s World Learning Center, Clemmons. They lead our Pre-K classes and have been engaging the children with amazing activities for Black History Month. So far they have introduced the children to Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Ruby Bridges. The children have learned about each person during circle time, and then used a variety of different art media to carry the learning process full circle. For Rosa Parks, the children used construction paper and markers to design school buses, complete with riders. They created baseball jerseys and ball/bat collages to celebrate Jackie Robinson, and used watercolors to paint portraits of Ruby Bridges. Congratulations, Ms. Dionne and Ms. Tarah, for being our February Spotlight on Excellence educators!