Spotlight on Excellence – Summer 2022

New Kid on the Block

Mariya Graham has only been working at ACWLC-Bermuda Run since March but has already made her presence known.  She joined ACWLC with no education or experience in childcare, but quickly proved to be a valuable team player, excelling in any classroom, and displaying a positive attitude and great motivation.  As a Support Staff member, Mariya can be asked to work in any part of the building.  She never says “No”, stays late when needed, and more importantly, genuinely cares for ALL the children and always puts their needs first.  Many parents have shared great words of compliment for Mariya!  Simply having Mariya around helps to keep staff morale up because she has an infectious, high-spirited personality, possibly due to her experience as a cheerleader!  We are very glad to have her as part of the team and look forward to helping her grow in the early childhood education field!

Congratulations, Mariya!