Spring Learning Activities

Spring has sprung and there are many ways to teach your little ones about the new season.

  • Grow a plant. Give kids a plastic shovel and encourage them to dig a small hole in the ground. Let them count the number of seeds you give them and have the drop them down into the hole. You can even teach them how to use a water sprayer and have them go out and spray the plant throughout Spring.
  • Take a walk. Head outside for a family springtime walk. While you are walking discuss all the different things you might see throughout the season. Trees with budding leaves, flowers, or baby animals are all things one might find. Look up into the sky and ask the children if they see any clouds and if the weather is sunny, cloudy, or rainy.
  • Read books to learn about Spring. Some good ones include Explore Spring!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Spring, Everything Spring,Planting a Rainbow, And Then It’s Spring, and Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms.
  • Visit a farmers’ market. Farmers markets offer a great way to get outdoors and experience your local culture. You can teach kids about the different types of produce and where they come from, and you can meet the farmer who grew it!
  • Learn about baby animals. Spring is a great time to teach your kids the names of animals. Visit a family friendly farm or petting zoo and name each animal with your kids. At home you and your kids can make memory cards and drawings with the animals and their names.