Teaching Your Children How to Make Their Own Luck

Teaching Your Children How to Make Their Own Luck

While Saint Patrick’s Day may remind everyone of the famous luck of the Irish, there are always ways that children, and adults alike, can create their own opportunities and lucky situations.

Children can learn at a very early age that entrepreneurship is not an accident but rather a mindset that will create openings and opportunities for them throughout life. This is a very positive and healthy way to be able to set goals, achieve objectives and learn about how to see things in life as not obstacles or failures but as challenges that can be used to an advantage.

Encourage Creativity and Imagination

Children that are given opportunities to increase their natural creativity and imagination are more likely to see opportunities in a variety of different life experiences. They are also better at problem solving and coming up with unique solutions to issues that they may experience.

Kids that are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity grow up to be teens and adults that are comfortable in thinking outside of the box, allowing them to have the advantage of being resourceful in handling challenges they encounter.

Allow Failure

While it is always difficult for parents to see their children struggle with a task and not succeed, this is important in building resilience as well as in learning about having the confidence to try new and unique solutions to problems.

Of course, it is essential to also support children in their achievements as well as when they try something new and it doesn’t come out the way they wanted. This can be a great teachable moment as you can talk through what they did well and what they would do differently next time to have a better result.

When children are comfortable in being creative in solving problems and understand that failing is not bad, but just a part of the process in succeeding, they will be comfortable in trying new things, finding opportunities in life and literally creating their own luck.