Teaching Kids to Be Organized

Teaching Kids to Be Organized

Although some children appear to be born with a natural inclination for
routine and order, others are free spirits and need some assistance in order to Teaching-kids-to-be-organized-600x431
discover ways to make their life run more smoothly.

Teaching children organizational skills can make family life run a lot more
efficiently and cut down friction when children have to keep their rooms
clean and do homework and there are some good tips that can help with this
learning process.

One smart idea is to track all of the family activities on a calendar that is
accessible to everyone. Every night get together and discuss the activities that are
scheduled for the following day and encourage kids to check the calendar before
adding any other activity.

Daily checklists are also a good idea to help keep track of homework, instrument
practice or household chores.

This also teaches children how to prioritize. Teach children to prepare their
clothes for the following day the night before and have everything laid out for
the morning, including making lunches and packing their backpack.

Another way to teach children organization is to encourage them to have some
kind of collection that can be classified, sorted and organized.