Teaching Your Preschooler About Chores

Teaching Your Preschooler About Chores

Preschoolers love to pitch in and help the grown-ups, although it can be a challenge to find tasks for the little ones to do that do not create an even bigger mess. Here are some ways you can help your child get more involved and teach them about responsibility. Be sure to do some training and praise for a job well done. You can even try using sticker activity chart leading to a special treat.

Clean up the toys. A mountain of toys can be a little overwhelming, so ask your child to put away one thing at a time.

Laundry. Ask your child to help you separate the clothes. They can also help to load and unload the washer and dryer, and put their clothes in the right place.

Make the bed. Kids (from about 3 years-old on up), can typically manage to pull a sheet or cover up to the right end of the bed. Or, you can help with the larger covers, and your child can place pillows in their place.

Clean up messes. When your child spills a cup of water or other liquid, teach them to use a towel to wipe up the spill followed by a wet washcloth for the bigger messes, like juice.

Feed a pet. Keep a container with the designated amount of pet food on hand, and allow your child to scoop it into the pet bowl. A step stool can also allow them to reach the sink and fill the water bowl.

Sweep. A tall broom is likely too much for your little one, but a dust pan and hand broom is more the right size. Teach your child to use these items to get the crumbs left near the table after meals.