Thanksgiving Activities with the Family

Thanksgiving Activities with the Family

Turkey Day is almost here and it provides a great opportunity to get in some quality family time and activities. We have a few ideas on how you can maximize your family holiday fun.

Take family photos. You can even set up a plan to do themed photos or have a makeshift photo booth. Capture the memories!

Make a run for it. Most communities hold Turkey Trots. These races offer up a healthy way for you to run, walk and stroll together as a family.

Hold a talent show. Many kids love to put on performances for an audience. You can even offer fun prizes and pick a winner at your show!

Make pumpkin play dough. This yummy smelling dough will give the kids something fun and festive to get creative with while the adults cook. Check out the recipe here.

Play some games. Good old fashioned board games might be in a closet collecting dust somewhere. Use the holidays as a time to break them out and have some fun!