Tips for Surviving Snow Days with Kids

Surviving snow days stuck at home can be a challenge. Below are a few ways to avoid cabin fever and help you enjoy your family time at home.

Keep a special collection of goodies hidden away in case you need them. Hit the local dollar store and stock up on candy, small toys, coloring books, activity books and games. Make your own treasure box that is reserved for snow days only!

Touch base with your neighbors. If your child has friends in the neighborhood, they will likely be in the same situation as you. Consider inviting the neighbors over for games, movies or a play date (“Frozen,” again?). Your kids will appreciate having friends to play with and you might even get a break from hearing that your child is bored.

Build a fort. Use items and materials you have on hand to let your child build an inside fortress. Have them label the rooms inside of the fort for different uses. This is a sure-fire way to keep them entertained.

Make yummy treats. Bake a cake or cupcakes. Use shredded coconut as “snow dust” and just enjoy! You can also build an edible snowman using marshmallows and jellybeans.

Frolic in the snow. Make snow angels, build a snowman, and break out the sled! If your child does not enjoy being outside in the snow, bring a little bit of snow inside and place it in a bowl or the bathtub so they can get used to exploring the snow in small increments.

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