Toy Clean Up Tips for Kids

Keeping your house clean and tidy when you are faced with toys from every angle can be tough! We have a few tips on how you can encourage your children to keep things neat.

  • Give the toys a bedtime. When it’s time to go to sleep, have your little ones put their toys to sleep too. Making it a routine can help kids get more accustomed to putting their toys away.
  • Make it a game. You can pick a different color and have kids put the toys of that color away.
  • Set a good example. Try to keep clutter minimized so that your kids can learn by watching you keep things tidy.
  • Give them an incentive. Let your child know they can go to the park, watch a movie, or have some other reward after putting their toys away.
  • Sings songs. Make up fun songs for clean-up time so that kids can have fun while doing it. You can build on a “put away” song as you go!