February 2020 Newsletter

Health and Nutrition Click the link above to read our latest newsletter and learn how to add exercise and healthy foods to your family in simple and fun ways. Learn about our Stretch-n-Grow program and find some easy, healthy recipes even picky eaters will enjoy!

Spotlight on Excellence – January 2020

Bienvenu a “Mundo de Español”! Here at A Child’s World Learning Centers, we believe that children should be offered a variety of learning avenues. “World of Spanish, Mundo de Español” is the perfect fit for our schools, staff and children. Giving children many opportunities to grow and expand their social and communication skills is a… Read more »

How to Boost Kindness in Children

As a parent, you have the opportunity to help boost your child’s innate kindness. Your child’s brain is especially open to developing a lifelong kindness habit when they are between ages four and seven. We have a few recommendations to aid you on your family’s kindness journey. Model kind behavior. Find ways to be kind to… Read more »

Spotlight on Excellence – February 2019

We are excited to bring a new feature to our ACWLC family! In keeping with our core value of excellence, each month we will find “excellent” things that are happening in our schools and share them with our parents and educators. This month features Ms. Dionne and Ms. Tarah from A Child’s World Learning Center,… Read more »

How to Part With the Pacifier

Who knew it would be so hard to help your little one part with their favorite comfort item? When the time comes that your family decides it’s time to say goodbye to the pacifier, we have a few suggestions that could help make the transition a bit easier. Try a gradual approach. Experiment with slowly… Read more »

Beat the Heat Wave

It sure is hot out there and it can be hard to keep the kids engaged without breaking the bank. We have a few suggestions on how you can keep cool with your kids this summer: Have a water fight! Fill up some water balloons and let the kids go to town. Head to the… Read more »