Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Winter can often present challenges when it comes to keeping the kids entertained, active, and learning. If you and your little ones are growing weary of being stuck inside, we have a few activity ideas for you!

Host an indoor beach party. Invite your family and your friends over, crank up the heat and put on some summer music. Get festive by inflating beach balls, displaying sea shells and providing hula skirts for your guests. Decorative cups with silly straws will only add to the fun! Your kids can have even an indoor beach treasure hunt.  Just fill up buckets with sand and hide fun jewels in them and let them get busy with mini plastic shovels. Enjoy the endless possibilities of indoor beach fun with your little ones!

Go camping in your living room. Set up a tent in your living room (or make a fort), grab your sleeping bags and flashlights, pack some fun  snacks and enjoy a sleepover in your warm home while still enjoying the fun bonding that comes with camping.

Make an indoor obstacle course. There are many different ways you can make an obstacle course adventure inside.  Foam blocks, mats, and string are all handy items to start with. For an in-depth look at how to set one up, check out this article.