Shortcut Dinner Ideas

Shortcut Dinner Ideas

Trying to come up with kid-friendly dinner ideas with a busy schedule can be daunting, especially with a house full of picky eaters.

We have a few ideas that can help whipping up something quick for those hungry tummies a little easier.

Breakfast for Dinner: To make it really simple, try a dinner with oatmeal or grits, turkey sausage, fruit and toast. Other options include pancakes and waffles or eggs and bacon.

Try the Deli: Grocery store delis offer rotisserie chickens and chicken fingers you can pair with other items in your kitchen to make things like paninis or salads. Check out some great recipes here for inspiration.

Pasta and Pizza: Have some fun mixing and matching different pastas, sauces and meats, like pre-cooked chicken strips or turkey sausage, along with some mozzarella cheese for an easy, cheesy pasta. Pre-made pizza crusts can be a life-saver as well.

Taco Night: Use ground beef or turkey along with some taco seasoning, tortillas, cheese and salsa to make some easy tacos that everyone will love.

Still need more inspiration? Check out these recipes.