Being More Productive

Being More Productive Health is always important, but few people realize that improving their health would also improve their work performance. Health is every bit as important for desk jockeys as it is for athletes and construction workers. One good tip is to take short breaks every so often when engaged in a lengthy task. This… Read more »

How to Let Go and Live Your Life

How to Let Go and Live Your Life The past makes people who they are today but dwelling too much on that past can cause you to neglect the personal development and happiness you could be enjoying right now and in the future. Letting go allows people to get a better perspective that better enables… Read more »

3 Questions to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

3 Questions to Boost Your Child’s Confidence   Talking about the positive events or accomplishments in your child’s life can have a profound effect on them. It boosts their self-esteem and gives them every reason to expect better things in the future. Help kids build their self-image by asking these questions: • What makes you… Read more »

How to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

How to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a positive self-esteem. Why? Because children with high self-esteem are competent, feel loved and ultimately grow into happy, healthy and productive adults. So what can you do to boost your child’s self-esteem? Here are some easy ideas: Give… Read more »

Compassion in Action

Feelings of compassion can lead your youngster to do nice things for relatives, neighbors, and friends. Consider these ideas for helping your child think about how other people feel and what they need-and encourage them to take action. Talk about it Help your youngster understand the motivation behind kind behavior.  First, have him tell you… Read more »

Good Role Models

How to Choose or Direct Your Child Towards a Good Role Model We all have had at least one role model in our lives. Role models are important to our psychological well-being because they help us guide us through certain decision making processes that can ultimately affect the outcome of our lives. Children often have… Read more »