Tips for Helping Your Child Sleep

Getting your child to sleep can be a tough process for some parents. We have some tips that can help. Establish a consistent and relaxing bedtime routine that lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and ends in your child’s bedroom. Reading the same book every night can also help keep your child in a nice… Read more »

Children and Sleep

Children and Sleep It has been determined by many professionals that the three most important phases to healthy childhood development are: loving parents or caretakers, proper nutrition and adequate sleep. While sleep may not be as apparent as love, safety and nutrition, it is no less an important factor in proper childhood development. Children and… Read more »

How to Persuade Children to Sleep Alone

Few parents can resist the temptation to let their little ones snuggle in bed with them, but persuading them to sleep alone at a later date can be a challenge.  With patience and persistence, though, it can be done, so here’s how to reclaim your own bed. Choose a settled time to start your new… Read more »