Showing Gratitude This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s really a wonderful opportunity for everyone to express love and gratitude for one another. We have a couple suggestions on how to get kids involved in this special holiday. Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards. This is a great day to get creative about showing how important people are… Read more »

Teaching Your Preschooler About Chores

Preschoolers love to pitch in and help the grown-ups, although it can be a challenge to find tasks for the little ones to do that do not create an even bigger mess. Here are some ways you can help your child get more involved and teach them about responsibility. Be sure to do some training… Read more »

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and it provides a great opportunity to teach kids about keeping our planet clean. Here are a few activity ideas to check out in celebration of this special day. Decorate a reusable tote bag. Reusable tote bags are becoming a more common and earth-friendly alternative to paper… Read more »

Toy Clean Up Tips for Kids

Keeping your house clean and tidy when you are faced with toys from every angle can be tough! We have a few tips on how you can encourage your children to keep things neat. Give the toys a bedtime. When it’s time to go to sleep, have your little ones put their toys to sleep… Read more »

Best Apps for Small Children and Toddlers

Best Apps for Small Children and Toddlers Winter is coming and outside play will become less possible as the cold winds and even snow start to blow. But that doesn’t mean your small children can’t be entertained and stimulated. Thanks to the mass quantities of technology that now consumes our lives on a daily basis,… Read more »

Summer Learning For Easy Back To School Transitions

Summer Learning For Easy Back To School Transitions The summer is a wonderful time for children and parents to have fun, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend some time away from the daily routine of school. However, by incorporating some activities and structured learning opportunities parents can help kids stay sharp and avoid losing some… Read more »